ETRONIKA is a boutique banking technology company that develops award-winning omnichannel digital banking platform for wide range of financial institutions.




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Etronika's omnichannel digital banking platform perfectly complements Mambu's core banking solution allowing financial institutions to digitally engage and serve their clients’ needs. Integration with Mambu and third party service providers creates value for end customers.

Etronika uses REST Web services. Webhooks from Mambu are used for enabling data aggregation and customer notifications. Etronika's flagship product is an award-winning omnichannel digital banking platform BANKTRON for retail, corporate, digital only and private banks, credit unions, other financial institutions. They help clients to be a step ahead in Digital Transformation journey. Fast time to market, efficient processes, ironclad security, killing user interfaces, feature rich portfolio of products and functions, integration with third party services allows to build modern financial institution.

Etronika targets T2/T3 retail, corporate, digital, private banks, credit unions, lending institutions that want to be unique in the digital world, grow business adopting new business models, be compliant in fast changing regulatory environment.

Etronika's mobile, internet, wearables, PSD2/Open Banking, B2B, teller, self-service channels are tailored for the client. Together with Mambu, Etronika provides all necessary components for a bank or other financial institution. Etronika's solutions portfolio includes digital banks, mobile payments, digital signature, integration with retail chains, financial services for post offices.

Etronika is a part of NRD Companies, managed by INVL Technology (listed in NASDAQ Baltic), and serves clients in different geographies.

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