ebankIT's omnichannel banking platform helps banks in their digital transformation by lowering costs, accelerating onboarding and providing them with new ways to service and engage with customers.




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ebankIT provides integration with core banking systems and delivers digital channels out-of-the-box to banks and credit unions. ebankIT integrates with Mambu by connecting its core banking agnostic plugs into Mambu's exposed REST API.

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ebankIT's clients include Tier 2 and Tier 3 banks with core or legacy banking systems that need to address the market using digital channels such are internet banking, mobile banking, watch banking, contact center, branch front-office in a fully integrated way, that is, omnichannel. Omnichannel allows the customer of our client to navigate through each channel without losing information, starting transactions in one channel and finishing on another channel without need to re-authenticate.

The ebankIT Studio is integrated within the Mambu engine allowing to create seamless transactions that feed the digital channels automatically almost without using any line of code.

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