ETRONIKA is an award-winning Fintech company, providing innovative products and solutions for banks, lending institutions, national posts and retail operators of all sizes throughout the world. We combine 20 years of IT experience and financial business knowledge to deliver revolutionary Omni-Channel Digital Banking, Digital Lending, Mobile Payments and innovative Convenience Retail products for our customers.



ETRONIKA was founded in 2000 with the vision to provide seamless digital access to financial products and enable digital transformation in banks. Our flagship product is Award Winning Omni-Channel Digital Banking Platform BANKTRON for retail, corporate, digital only and private banks, credit unions, other financial institutions. We help our clients to be a step ahead in Digital Transformation journey. Fast time to market, efficient processes, ironclad security, killing user interfaces, feature rich portfolio of products and functions, integration with third party services allows to build modern financial institution.

We build technology, which is simple to use, robust, secure and adaptive to the quickly changing environment. We target retail, corporate, digital, private banks, credit unions, lending institutions that want to be unique in the digital world, grow business adopting new business models, be compliant in fast changing regulatory environment. Our mobile, internet, wearables, PSD2/Open Banking, Loans Origination, B2B, teller, self-service channels are tailored for you.

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Together with Mambu we provide all necessary components for a bank or other financial institution. Design thinking and customer-centric approach, agile development, focus on user experience and security allows us to become a true business partner for our customers. ETRONIKA being a part of NRD Companies, managed by INVL Technology (listed in NASDAQ Baltic) serves clients in different geographies. Numerous awards and international recognitions, world’s firsts, almost 20 years in business, happy customers speak for itself. Our solutions portfolio includes digital banks, mobile payments, digital signature, integration with retail chains, financial services for post offices. We build digital ecosystems where financial services and e-products are playing key role in business.

Together with Mambu and partnership ecosystem we provide all necessary components for modern bank, lender or other financial institution.

Taking You a Step Ahead!

DIGITAL Loans - Platform for SME and Retail loan origination

DIGITAL Loans changes the way your loan origination works – from the lending product development to sales and delivery.

Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform

Implementation in Baltic International Bank

Etronika - Finovate Europe stage 2016

Live demo of Omnichannel Digital Banking and Intelligent Process Automation Platform.

Etronika - Finovate Europe stage 2014

Live demo of Omnichannel Digital Banking and Partnership Platform, Best of Show award.

Etronika - Finovate Europe stage 2013

Live demo of Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform and Best of Show Award on Finovate Europe Stage.