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InCountry helps Mambu customers stay compliant with Data residency regulations and ensure regulated data resides within affected countries. Our clients are financial services companies looking to ensure their data and their customer’s data is localised and in compliance with different country’s data residency regulation.

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InCountry provides a simple and cost-effective solution that can easily be integrated with Mambu. Depending on Financial Institution's regulatory requirements and country's regulations, certain data such as personal identifiable information, digital payments transactions, or customer banking information, may need to be stored within the country before achieving compliance.

InCountry’s one-time-setup platform ensures Mambu customers have a single scalable solution for all their data residency compliance needs.

Key features of InCountry Data Residency solution:

  • Compliant with local regulatory frameworks.
  • Compliant with internal data residency policies.
  • Ability to store all data in a specific country or a real time copy to a specific country.

Key benefits of InCountry Data Residency solution:

  • Reduced compliance risk.
  • Leverage Mambu’s cloud solutions in more countries.

Utilizing a no-code rest-API integration with Mambu, InCountry’s proxy service connects to the customer’s Mambu instance and intercepts payloads in both directions, intercepting and substituting opaque for any fields that are designated as “regulated” . You can read more about the solution here.

Benefits of Mambu-InCountry integration:

  • Reduce compliance risk
  • Enable expansion into new countries
  • Enhance value from Mambu’s cloud solutions

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