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Kiban's direct integration to Mambu's Saas banking engine entirely solves the connection and reporting to the credit bureaus, making it easy, safe and affordable.




Proof of concept available

To connect, Kiban uses two services:

1. Nkonect

  • Compliance: helping the customer fulfill all legal obligations.
  • Costs: Always providing discounts and best prices.

2. Unykoo

  • Automation: Directly connected to all credit bureaus and with the help of other conectors processes underwriting in seconds.
  • Scoring in minutes: when parameters are changed internally, the customer is able to create new rules rapidly, without any coding.

Unykoo allows customers to create credit decisioning processes with a wysiwyg interface. Once the workflow has been created, it automatically integrates credit scoring and tests its every step, syncs the workflow to Mambu and it is ready to use. Should the credit decisioning process need to be changed, the credit scoring itself or any step of the workflow, it will take only minutes, and no coding.

Once it has been tested again, the customer will simply have to sync the new workflow. Nkonect will help create the weekly and monthly reports that are required by law to be sent to credit bureaus. Nkonect will furhter prevent the customer from having legal issues in regards of the compliance framework linked with the use of the credit bureaus. Finally, it will provide the customer with all the necessary help and consulting.

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