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Prezzta is a software company specialised in digital solutions for a wide range of financial institutions. Its award-winning platform, LaaS (Loan as a Service), provides end-to-end instalment loan servicing from application and boarding through to recovery and invoicing.




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Prezzta provides world-class, modern, secure and fully compliant, web-based or on-site services charging a monthly fee based on usage. Prezzta´s LaaS handles the whole life of the loan, from onboarding to invoicing, and integrates with Mambu where such products and its takers (customers) live. LaaS automates all the steps in the life of a loan, meaning that the customer will:

  • Minimise processing times.
  • Eliminate human errors.
  • Maximise staff productivity.
  • Scale without need for extra infrastructure or personnel.
  • Real time information.
Prezzta´s LaaS

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