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QUALCO is a global technology solutions provider with more than 16 years’ proven experience in enabling customers to take control of customer data across the entire credit lifecycle.




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Whether Mambu's customers are looking to modernise their internal collections platform, delve deep into the analytics of the entire debt portfolio to drive future strategy, or harness the power of external service providers, QUALCO's solution helps drive efficiencies and streamline collections and recoveries operation and strategy.

Since 2000, QUALCO has serviced the decision-making, analytical and operational needs of over 70 customers in more than 15 countries operating across a variety of industry sectors such as:

  • Banking.
  • Financial services.
  • Utilities and telecoms.
  • Debt buyers.
  • Retail / home shopping.
  • Insurance.

QUALCO's solutions cover all aspects of the credit and debt collections lifecycle using model-driven, technology-enabled software. QUALCO covers the decision-making, analytical and operational needs of customers with receivable assets using a full spectrum of offerings, from technology provision and analytics services to portfolio management consulting and end-to-end credit/debt servicing.

QUALCO’s technology platforms and team of more than 230 experts are responsible for processing a total of $200bn in receivable assets on a daily basis. QUALCO is an international company with production headquarters in Greece, a strong business development and operations centre in the UK and strategic local offices that form a solid geographical base to address customer needs.

In addition to its office network, QUALCO has established high-calibre partnerships both at business and technical level, including core banking provider Temenos, credit card networks Visa and MasterCard and key system providers such as SAP and a wide range of dialling systems to support call centre operations. QUALCO is ISO-certified and its systems are Basel & SOX compliant.

QUALCO Collections & Recoveries System will connect and provide:

  • Support for the connectors to any mutual customers.
  • Development of connectors & workflows (ideally multi-tenant).
  • Cloud hosting of connectors.
  • Enhancement of connected as needed and agreed up by Mambu and the partner.

QUALCO is focused in offering end-to-end technology solutions that will add value to the daily operations of the end customer immediately. Projects are not treated as a typical software implementation and technology provider exercise but as an end-to-end solution that will meet and support any business needs from day one.

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