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Mambu is the leading SaaS core banking engine. If you’re a customer of the largest digital bank in the EU, then you’ve probably interacted with our platform and didn't even know it. We are at the heart of what makes digital banks and lenders work - the system that processes banking transactions and updates accounts and other financial records from deposits to loans and credit balances. But we are different. We are not just cloud-native, lean and flexible - we are helping to revolutionise financial services globally. We are in a growth phase and we’ve only just begun.

To help us on our mission, we bring together people with the best skills and attitude. It doesn’t matter where you are from, what matters is the impact you have and your passion to make a difference.

To continue our success story we are looking for a Senior Performance Optimization Engineer to ensure the system’s responsiveness, scalability, stability and offer his/her expertise through consultancy, training, coaching and support in troubleshooting to the other teams from the organization. As a Senior Performance Optimization Engineer, you will also provide the necessary tools and knowledge transfer for enabling / sustaining autonomous performance tests inside the development teams.

You will:

  • Improve autonomy of development teams by:
  • - Providing the necessary tools / methodology to the development teams to do autonomous performance tests;
    - Building a framework which will allow teams to run performance tests in a self service manner. 

  • Maintain and improve continuous performance tests by:
  • - Maintaining and contributing to the regression performance tests pipeline used for validating releases;
    - Continuously updating the test suite according to the production usage of the product.

  • Handle production incidents by:
  • - Assisting in root cause analysis of performance defects and provide insights into optimization opportunities;
    - Guiding the investigation towards the root cause of the incident efficiently.

  • Evaluate the performance of product implementations by:
  • - Checking through appropriate testing that newly implemented features meet the required performance standards;
    - Checking that implemented performance improvements are valid.

  • Evaluate the performance of infrastructure changes by:
  • - Checking through appropriate testing that infrastructure changes don’t cause system performance degradations;
    - Checking through appropriate testing that newly added infrastructure components meet the required performance standards.

  • Provide assistance with various ad-hoc investigations / requests by:
  • - Running live performance tests with customers / prospect customers;
    - Testing and advising on optimal configurations for running certain scenarios;
    - Advising different teams inside the organization with best practices for optimal system performance.

  • Coach members inside the performance optimization team by:
  • - Supporting with technical advice / solutions the less experienced members of the performance optimisation team.

    You need to have:

  • Strong experience with non-functional testing (load, stress, scalability);
  • Good knowledge of application debugging, profiling and tracing;
  • Excellent programming skills (perl, python, shell etc);
  • Strong experience with load testing tools (JMeter, Gatling etc);
  • Strong experience working with linux based operating systems;
  • Good understanding of OOP concepts;
  • Strong experience with monitoring software / hardware system metrics;
  • Strong experience in cloud computing (AWS, GCP etc) and testing web services (REST APIs);
  • Strong experience working with RDBMS (MySql, Oracle, SQL Server etc)
  • Excellent database and SQL optimization knowledge;
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Compensation and benefits:

  • Competitive salary;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Pre-paid parking ticket at Palas / Monthly bus pass;
  • Monthly digital meal tickets;
  • Easter and Christmas gift tickets;
  • Private Health Insurance;
  • 21 days of holiday;
  • Summer schedule (4-days/week);
  • Therapeutic massage;
  • Sports package;
  • Eye glasses vouchers;
  • Fruits, coffee, tea, sweets, popcorn machine and many others;
  • Standup Desk in a very modern office and access to the best logistics;
  • Professional career growth by providing access to training and conferences.
  • Why Mambu?

  • Mambu has over 250+ live deployments, helping to revolutionise financial services in more than 46 countries globally, and we're just getting started;
  • We understand nothing ensures our customers' success more than a happy team, so Mambu is built on a culture of trust and a sense of ownership in everything we do;
  • Mambu proactively takes the initiative to improve the industry for the better;
  • Mambu is using top tool for development activities;
  • Because you want more, you want to know how your lines of code impact the world.
  • Why Mambu?

    About us

    Mambuvians come from over 30 countries across six continents. Over the years we have become increasingly diverse in perspectives and ideas. To us, diversity is a company-wide value, and a strategy to boost productivity and to leave a positive, global impact on our industry. From Europe to Asia, and the Americas - Mambuvians are experts at collaborating globally.

    We are a no nonsense company that loves a good challenge and is fostering a culture of a great work-life balance. Our perks range from a 4-day-working-week in summer, to extraordinary team getaways.

    Building on collaboration and trust, we created a true ownership culture, which is integral to our success. We help and empower each other to make decisions that can have a lasting impact on our business, and influence thousands of customers and millions of their end users world-wide. Are you up for it?

    Why us?