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 Mambu is the leading SaaS core banking engine. If you’re a customer of the largest digital bank in the EU, then you’ve probably interacted with our platform and didn't even know it. We are at the heart of what makes digital banks and lenders work - the system that processes banking transactions and updates accounts and other financial records from deposits to loans and credit balances. But Mambu is different. We are not just cloud-native, lean and flexible - we are helping to revolutionise financial services globally. We are in a growth phase and we’ve only just begun.

 To help us on our mission, we bring together people with the best skills and attitude. It doesn’t matter where you are from, what matters is the impact you have and your passion to make a difference. We are looking for a passionate, skilled and enthusiastic Senior Product Manager to join our Customer Portal team.

 As a Senior Product Manager you will work with your team(s) to build an optimal process and associated tool set required for the provisioning and management of our software products.  This will translate into two major areas, one that faces our customers and helps them manage their Mambu products, along with an internal area that focuses on how we provision our software to customers, manage features and product offerings, alongside metrics for billing our customers.

What you'll be working on:

  • Define and own business outcomes driven strategy of your product tribe:

  • - Engage with existing customers in order to understand the needs of our customers when it comes to provisioning and managing our product offerings  
    - Engage with internal stakeholders to understand what are the pains in the provisioning and management of our software 
    - Understand the existing landscape and what are the improvement points that would benefit us as a company when it comes to the provisioning and management of our software products  
    - Research the market for proper tooling and make decisions on whether to invest in building or acquiring one  
    - Support solution engineers and delivery consultants in ensuring that they have a clear customer life-cycle management process and the tools/means to do so, while ensuring that manual/time consuming actions are automated 
    - Establish an alignment of the product tribe strategy among all stakeholders 
    - Establish and maintain plan–do–check–act (PDCA) loop to drive the product towards the desired outcomes
    - Create consistent business understanding at product line level, by constantly collaborating with Engineering Manager, technical leadership and agile coaches, and ensuring that this is transmitted and incorporated at the team level

  • Facilitate the creation and the maintenance of the roadmap in each individual team within your product tribe:

  • - Build and nurture the strong collaborative relationship with every product team in your product tribe 
    - Ensure that initiatives in the roadmap are directly aligned with the strategic objectives of the product in general and your product tribe in particular

  • Actively communicate to the rest of the organisation:

  • - Define key outcomes-based business metrics and report on the progress towards achieving it 
    - Ensure continuous and consistent communication on the strategy and the roadmap of your product tribe 
    - Create and maintain sales and marketing enablement material, related to your product tribe

  • Guide and mentor other Product Managers:

  • - Help other Product Managers to improve their skills in Product Management both within and outside of your Product Tribe 
    - Active contributor to defining product management way of working and sharing of best practices

    You need to have:

  • Minimum of 4+ years of hands-on Product Management
  • Prior experience working in Product-led SaaS company / start-up environment
  • Prior experience building products from zero to the first release 
  • A good understanding of:
  • - Software engineering practices
    - Software provisioning practices
    - Software feature toggles  
    - Management of software products (control panel), both from the perspective of a development team and from the end user’s.

  • Good understanding of software architecture and infrastructure, along with configuration management 
  • Expertise in modern product management techniques, including product planning, product discovery and development
  • Strong skills in collaboration, in particular stakeholder management as well as internal and external product evangelism
  • Business Oriented: Mindset for accomplishing the maximum business value and quality by addressing the actual problems rather than building unwanted features. Good understanding and practice in delivering MVPs, canary releases
  • Curiosity and excitement about innovation in technology services (focused on software provisioning, delivery, configuration management)
  • Self Motivated. Ability to set goals and work independently according to the objectives
  • Clear Communicator. Ability to communicate clearly, with respect and empathy
  • Creative. Ability to solve problems, curiosity to try something new, looking at things with fresh perspective
  • Learner vs. Knower altitude. Driven by curiosity and desire to find the truth, not afraid to make mistakes and not to be always right. Asks more questions than provides statements
  • Honesty & integrity. Does not cut corners with regards to ethics. Earns trust and maintains confidence. Does what is right. Speak plainly and truthfully 
  • Ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms and deliver difficult messages with clarity
  • A clear advantage:

  • Prior experience in the provisioning and management of software products, both internally and externally. 
  • Experience working in digital-only financial institution (i.e. neo-bank, lender).  
  • Good understanding of business accounting and finance, including SaaS specific KPIs.  
  • Basic hands-on experience in computer programming.
  • Why Mambu?

  • Mambu has over 250+live deployments, helping to revolutionise financial services in more than 46 countries globally, and we're just getting started.  
  • Our clients include FinTech innovators, traditional banks, digital banks, business and consumer lenders as well as P2P platforms who are all looking to grow and scale.  
  • We understand nothing ensures our customers' success more than a happy team, so Mambu is built on a culture of trust and a sense of ownership in everything we do.
  • Mambu proactively takes the initiative to improve the industry for the better.
  • Mambu is using top tools for development activities.
  • Why Mambu?

    About us

    Mambuvians come from over 30 countries across six continents. Over the years we have become increasingly diverse in perspectives and ideas. To us, diversity is a company-wide value, and a strategy to boost productivity and to leave a positive, global impact on our industry. From Europe to Asia, and the Americas - Mambuvians are experts at collaborating globally.

    We are a no nonsense company that loves a good challenge and is fostering a culture of a great work-life balance. Our perks range from a 4-day-working-week in summer, to extraordinary team getaways.

    Building on collaboration and trust, we created a true ownership culture, which is integral to our success. We help and empower each other to make decisions that can have a lasting impact on our business, and influence thousands of customers and millions of their end users world-wide. Are you up for it?

    Why us?