Mambu CTO on industry-leading panel at Money20/20 Europe


BERLIN - May 28, 2019: Ben Goldin, Mambu’s Chief Technology Officer will be joining a team of industry-leading experts in a Money20/20 panel in Amsterdam next week.

Taking place on the Innovation Stage on Wednesday, 5 June at 14:30, Goldin will be discussing one of the burning questions financial institutions are grappling with in the era of digital technology: do you build, buy or partner to create your bank’s technology stack?

“This is a strategic decision for institutions which will impact their future ability to evolve with the market,” said Goldin. “Banks are not technology companies but they can learn from them. Innovative tech companies are taking a cloud approach, using APIs to connect to a host application and partners that help them deliver a unique customer experience.”

“Financial institutions need to look for those technologies that support the creation and operation of flexible and innovative banking architectures. They need to be able to be in control of their business capabilities and not at the mercy of vendors. We believe in the power of collaboration and that no single vendor can provide market leading components for every module of a digital banking architecture. Through an API-enabled composable architecture institutions can work with leading technology partners to help create the bank of the future. This approach also allows them to focus on delivery of their strategy and customer experience instead of dedicating time and resources to development,” said Goldin.

To find out more visit, book a meeting with Ben or members of Mambu’s expert team here or visit us at booth U30 at Money20/20.