TBC - Space Bank

TBC, Georgia’s largest bank, launches the country’s first cloud bank, powered by Mambu

Structured as an autonomous business, Space Bank provides customers with the full range of retail banking services including loans, saving products and payment cards. For the first time, Georgian customers can benefit from a truly end-to-end digital experience.

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Digital Spin Off


Cloud Bank in Georgia

8 Months

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Digital Experience

The Story

In 2017, TBC decided to create a neobank that exists only as a mobile app, without branches and physical presence.

There was a need to create a simple, design-oriented, transparent and customer centric daily banking experience.

They set themselves the challenge of changing the Georgian banking sector and the way people access their daily financial services.

The team wanted to deliver a full daily banking mobile service with superior customer experience, placing a special focus on differentiating by design, customer care, price transparency and instant service delivery.

They chose a fintech approach and launched Space Bank on Mambu due to its cloud-native and API-driven nature which supported expansion with fast time to market.

The project took eights months to go from concept to launch with go-live taking place in May 2018.

Space is independent and operates like a fintech from people to processes and culture but is able to leverage the resources and experience of TBC Bank.

The bank’s current offers include loans, savings accounts, payment cards, rewards and payment services like P2P transfers.

In The Media

Press Release

TBC Bank supports the country’s first cloud bank powered by Mambu.

Media Coverage

TBC says the fintech-inspired initiative was taken from concept to launch in eight months. 

Media Coverage
TBC, the largest bank in Georgia, has engineered its own cloud-based, digital-only neobank, dubbed Space.
Media Coverage

Space Digital Bank, a cloud-based neobank based in Georgia, has launched with a core banking system powered by Mambu.

Lasha Gurgenidze

“We are a lean and agile organisation and we sought out partners with similar attributes. As the leading global SaaS banking engine, Mambu was the clear choice. With its flexible composable architecture, we have been able to build and launch from scratch in just eight months and are primed to scale up products and grow further strategically. That is the power of the right technology.”

Lasha Gurgenidze

Project Leader

Space Bank

“TBC, in a way, created its own competitor. We think this challenge brings a new reality not only to TBC but also to the Georgian banking sector. It aims to change the way people access their daily financial services.”

Nika Kurdiani

Deputy CEO

Space Bank

Nika Kurdiani