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Mambu recognises that climate change is the number one present-day challenge that is already disproportionately affecting people around the world. We see this through the changing environment around us, the stories of our employees and their families, and the type of banking solutions our clients are trying to support their customers with. We do our part by reducing the footprint of our operations and our cloud-banking platform, ensuring that we align with the physical limits of our planet and support our customers with their climate ambitions.

We own this digital event

To date, we have used the following measures to reduce our environmental impact:

  • Teleworking
  • Renewable energy supply for offices, where possible
  • Recycled content and local sourcing when procuring office supplies and merchandise
  • Minimum plastic at events
  • Paperless office
  • Circular materials management
  • Digital and hybrid events
  • Sustainable mobility options
  • Offsetting unavoidable emissions

Achieving carbon neutrality in 2019

In 2020, we have calculated for the first time the carbon emissions we have generated in 2019 to understand our largest sources of emissions and mitigate our impact.

Mambu’s carbon footprint in 2019 infographic

Circular materials management

Since 2018, we organise auctions of internal hardware and donate proceeds to organisations focused on IT literacy and education, environmental protection, and health. In this way, we extend the use of hardware and divert it from being sent to waste.

Circular materials management infographic

Innovating how we host events

In February 2021, we piloted our first hybrid annual sales kick-off event ‘We Own This’. The event was held physically at the Desmet Studio in Amsterdam, which the Amsterdam team attended in-person while the rest of the speakers and Mambuvians dialed-in digitally. In this way, we brought together 500+ of our staff with minimal carbon footprint.

Low-carbon events infographic

Covid-19 has activated a new kind of awareness and innovation in us all. Not only were we able to safely bring 500 Mambuvians from around the world, but also minimise our environmental footprint while doing so. Hybrid events like this mean less travel and less waste which means more for the environment.