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The Mambu core lending engine supports all types of loans from origination to servicing to collections. Create any configuration of business, consumer, mortgage, corporate and leasing products.

  • Fixed term loan

    A type of product with fixed interest rate, which is determined at loan account creation and does not decrease with prepayments.

  • Dynamic term loan

    A type of product with dynamic interest rate, which allows for interest recalculation and reduction when prepayments are performed.

  • Interest-free loan

    A type of lending product with no interest charged.

Tranched loan

A type of product that allows for loan disbursement in tranches.

Revolving credit

A type of product that allows multiple disbursements and repayments on the account, similar to an overdraft, except that it has a payment plan associated with it in which some amount of principal and interest may be paid.

Offset loan

A type of loan product which allows for a dynamic interest calculation, which allows enabling the "redraw" facility for it, ultimately allowing a borrower to borrow money they've already prepaid.

“Mambu is excited to be working with N26 as they are realising the true potential of mobile-first banking,” said Eugene Danilkis, co-founder and CEO of Mambu. “By putting customer experience at the centre of their strategy, they have created an app which gives their customers a truly simple banking experience. This is a great example of how retail banking can be redesigned in the 21st century,” he said.

We build connectors to integrate your software solution in Mambu Core Banking

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