Mambu is in the Cloud Business

Fraction of the Cost

Forget million-dollar licensing fees and multi-month expensive implementation projects: Mambu lets you go live or get off legacy systems at a fraction the cost of in-house or traditional core banking sytems without expensive consultants.

Simple & Scalable

Simple, usable and friendly. From interest calculation to APIs and data dictionary Mambu has been built with simplicity, openness and transparency in mind so all stakeholders can leverage our powerful tools to run and grow their business.

Agile & Secure

With only one product, everything is easily configurable in just seconds. From launching a new product, adding custom fields to integrating with a payment gateway, Mambu can do it in less time and cost compared to traditional core banking systems.

Cloud providers like AWS are the future of agile, cost-effective infrastructure which will be the backbone of fintechs and banks in the future. Mambu is glad to be working closely with the global leader in cloud infrastructure who meets the highest security, resilience, locality and performance requirements.

Eugrene Danilkis
CEO, Mambu


Power of One Product

Every customer is on the same version of Mambu. That means no customer is left behind when the software is updated. And when everyone is on the same version, the result is a product and community with unprecedented levels of communication and collaboration. That's just one of the benefits of true multi-tenancy.

A New Pace Of Innovation

By building Mambu from scratch on a new technology platform using the latest tools and processes we introduce dozens of well-designed useful new features every quarter and fix bugs and make improvements on a daily basis. We are constantly striving to make your work life better and move forward at unrelenting speed.

Control Costs in the Cloud

Mambu makes everything simple, including the cost of ownership. With a subscription-pricing model you pay as you go. And with everything included in your subscription that's tied to your success you'll never be nickled-and-dimed or held back.

Refocus IT on Adding Value

Mambu manages all your technology, software updates and hardware so your IT team can focus on adding value to your business by automating workflows, integrated with your local ecosystem, deploying tablets & mobile or reporting to management with new business insights and distribution opportunities.

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