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Architectsof Change

Financial Platforms

On this episode

Nina is joined by two experts from leading financial platforms. Our guests explain the status quo and even dive into the ins-and-outs of correspondent banking to explain how far we’ve come. In this episode, we speak to Sarah Barslund Lauridsen, Head of Products & Solutions at Banking Circle and Dr. Markus Franke, Partner, Research, Economics and Stability at cLabs. They share thoughts on why platforms allow for innovative growth and solutions as well as discuss how they seek to create change within the often rigid walls of the financial services ecosystem. Together, they discuss everything from pen pals across continents to whether Elon Musk would be interested in the mission at Celo.


We believe in the power of change, and so we’ll bring you stories and hands-on advice from the most inspiring entrepreneurs, the greatest innovators and the serious up and comers, every two weeks on Wednesdays.