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Libertad Soluciones de Vida, Mexico’s largest microfinance entity known as a Sofipo, has selected Mambu, a 100% cloud-native Software-as-a-Service company, to provide a digital core banking platform to help accelerate its digital transformation processes.

Libertad Soluciones de Vida is celebrating its 61st anniversary providing financial services across Mexico, and in 2019 began a transformation process to improve the solutions it provides to meet all types of client needs. This evolution is based on three pillars: Digital Freedom, which includes innovation and new technology to transform its products and services; Secure Freedom, to offer reassurance to its clients, and Social Freedom, which helps build and bolster communities.

With this alliance Libertad will be able to expand its solutions to 20% more people in the next five years. In parallel, Libertad will also be able to consolidate financial products and solutions to those who have not had access to them in the past. As a result, Libertad will contribute to the 2020-2024 National Financial Inclusion Policy.

Libertad Digital customers will enjoy faster and more convenient services through new and improved channels that better account for current living and mobility conditions. To do just that, the firm implemented a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution and developed a Virtual Assistant, which provides 24-hour service 365 days a year from its portal.

In order to offer more transactional channels, Libertad has launched an app and is testing a new digital solution that allows credit procedures to take place outside of its branch offices.

“At Libertad we are committed to building solutions that meet the needs of our clients. We also work to reach broader sectors of the population and help more Mexicans have access to financial products. Technological innovation is key to achieving this goal, because through it, we seek to be more agile and more efficient in our operations with the aim of finally empowering people. We are people who help other people. And any initiative of a technological and innovative nature must first respond to this premise. Having selected Mambu marks a milestone in the history of our digital transformation,” said José Ricardo Merino, Libertad Soluciones de Vida’s Deputy Business Director.

Mambu is a latest-generation core, 100% cloud-native and digital. The firm is transforming the financial sector with its composable banking model, which allows for the creation of technological ecosystems that financial institutions require to improve customer experiences. Due to its open architecture and through the use of APIs, Mambu allows for the quick and seamless integration of multiple solutions with no interruptions.

These capabilities will allow Libertad to integrate all technologies it has adopted in the past along with newer ones down the road to offer its customers better and smoother user experiences. As an example: Libertad will be able to implement Artificial Intelligence solutions to provide personalized attention to its clients, strengthen its targeted offering strategy and increase the placement of its products and services by 30%. Mambu tools will help create and improve products by up to three times faster.

“We are excited to support Libertad, a regulated company with a great tradition and broad participation in the Mexican market. Like us, the firm is convinced of the power of next-generation technology to transform customer experiences and make financial services more accessible to everyone. We are very proud to contribute to Libertad’s work to expand financial inclusion in the country,” said Edgardo Torres-Caballero, Mambu’s General Director for Latin America.

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