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Bankingly is a digital channel platform that brings the institution's products to its customers via web and mobile banking, increasing sales, profitability and customer satisfaction. Bankingly provides world-class, modern, secure digital channels, charging only for the customers that actually use the platform, and taking on the burden of operating and evolving the product.


Integration with Mambu

Mambu and Bankingly are already pre-integrated and fully functional.
The financial institution buys a single project, since the core is pre-integrated with Bankingly at the time of production, the entity benefits from going out with everything at the same time, with record time to market and very convenient prices. Benefits include:
- World class solution
- Operated on Microsoft Azure
- Pay per real usage
- Unbeatable time to market
- Future-proof
- Secure

Example Customers


Coopealianza is a cooperative that was born on August 22, 1971 with 1,175 associates, today it has grown to more than 130,000 and has 50 offices throughout Costa Rica.
Bankingly provided them with a platform of digital channels, which allow the members to make all the queries, transfers, payments, requests and be up to date with all the news of the cooperative.Our channels have collaborated with the growth and loyalty of the associates, as they find agility, relevant communication and simplicity when interacting with their financial institution.

Banco Comunidad

Banco Comunidad has a firm commitment to support the sustainable development of micro, small and medium enterprises in Bolivia.

With Bankingly, they were able to become the first SME bank to offer digital channels to its clients in Bolivia in 2015, which help them position as an innovative solution and increasing their client base from 10,000 to over 20,000.



FINANCOOP - composed exclusively of Savings and Credit Cooperatives - performs financial intermediation activities and provides services to its member cooperatives.

Given the growing importance of participating in the new electronic wallet system promoted by the Central Bank, FINANCOOP integrated its switch to the Bankingly platform. This has made possible for all its member cooperatives to offer the possibility of serving their clients with first-class solutions, customized according to the image and characteristics of each institution, but at the same time exploiting the advantages of technological convergence and economies of scale.