We make the use of credit bureaus easy, safe and cheap with two services:
1) Nkonect
  • Compliance: helping our customers fulfill all legal obligations
  • Costs: Always receive all the discounts and best prices
2) Unykoo
  • Automation: Directly connected to all the credit bureaus and with the help of other conectors you can process your underwriting in seconds.
  • Scoring in minutes: if you change your parameters internally, you can create new rules rapidly. No code involved.

Integration with Mambu

With the integration of Kiban directly to Mambu we will completely solve the connection and reporting to the credit bureaus.
Unykoo will allow you to create your credit decisioning process with a wysiwyg interface.  You will create your workflow on our webpage with the help of various connectors. Once you created the workflow, integrated your credit scoring and tested every step of it, you'll just sync the workflow to Mambu and it will be ready to use.  If you need to change your credit decisioning process, your credit scoring or any step of the workflow, it will take you only minutes, no code involved. Once you tested it again, you'll just have to sync your new workflow. Nkonect will help you create the weekly and monthly reports that you will be required by law to send to the credit bureaus.

Furthermore, Nkonect will prevent you from ever having legal issues in regards of the compliance framework linked with the use of the credit bureaus. Finally, it will give you all the necessary help and consulting so you'll always receive all the discounts and lower prices available from the credit bureaus.

With both theses services, for the past 10 years we have worked with over 200 financial institutions in México. The main results are: cost efficiency, immediate credit decisioning and none of these financial institutions ever got a fine from the CNBV (Mexican National Banking Commission)

Example Customers

4Finance - Vivus

4finance is a global leader in digital consumer finance with operations across 16 countries. In México they are using Kiban since their launch with both Nkonect and Unykoo.

Nacional Monte de Piedad

Nacional Monte de Piedad integrated Unykoo in order to process all credit bureaus queries


Exitus is using the entire Kiban suite to power its decision and compliance, helping it create an exponential growth during the past 3 years positioning itself as one of the key players of its segment.

Te Creemos

Te Creemos has been a user of Nkonect for the past 10 years allowing to completely fulfill all legal obligations.