As a secure cloud-based solution, the nCino Bank Operating System empowers bank employees and leaders with true insight into the bank through an end-to-end solution combining customer relationship management (CRM), loan origination, workflow, enterprise content management, and instant reporting capabilities. nCino integrates with the bank's core and transactional systems, while replacing point solutions and manual-based processes. Designed by bankers who understand how financial institutions operate, nCino delivers ROI by:

  • - Driving revenue growth and efficiency
  • - Expanding customer relationships
  • - Improving regulatory compliance
  • - Enabling data analytics and business intelligence
  • - Attracting and retaining top talent
  • - Delivering a true competitive advantage



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Example Customers

Bank of the West

nCino provided Bank of the West the tools it needed to meet changing customer expectations and increasing regulatory demands.

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The unification of the Salesforce and nCino platform has enabled a more efficient, transparent process for SunTrust teammates while  delivering a faster experience for clients.

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OakNorth’s founders chose to bypass traditional siloed, on-premises systems in favor of transparent, accessible technology which would enable them to better meet the needs of today’s fast-moving business owners.

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