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Another non-traditionalist. We’re new to the banking-as-a-service market in the US. However, our platform will help you build financial services more cost-effectively and quickly than you’ve ever thought you could. If you can dream it, we can build it.

A unique concept in our space, composable sets us apart from any other provider. With our platform you combine independent components to make any financial service you need. Re-use, swap in or swap out any component. We’re cloud native SaaS which means easy to implement, no need to self-build and very adaptable. All inclusive - updates, maintenance, hosting, SLA’s and more. SaaS licensing fee is aligned to your growth.

We have 100s of clients globally, including brands such as N26, OakNorth, TymeBank, Nordiska and many more. And our marketplace ecosystem is strong with existing integrations across credit decisioning, payment processing, AML, KYC, regulatory, CRM, account, customer experience and more. This extensive marketing ecosystem gives you unrivalled vendor flexibility. No penalties/fees for vendor swaps: we encourage you to embrace change. Not only that, we work with all major consultancies and SIs. So yeah, we’re well connected.

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